Solutions are produced and applied specially for companies’ problems and needs. Pictures of our devices, dosage tanks and carefully established automations for water treatment can be found below.


We set up a labratory ambient with our portable equipment in every company that we serve. Related pictures can be found below.


Legionella is a bacterium that comes from water sources, settles in buildings water systems and proliferates whenever it finds a suitable environment. Water temperature must be 25-40 0C for proliferation. In high temperatures proliferation stops and it dies. It cannot survive above 70 0C theorically. The pH of the water should be between 5.5 to 8.5. Legionella lives in ameobae (Acanthamoeba sp, Naegleria sp) or biofilm in water. It lives on the nutrients come from corrosion and biofilm. Biofilm decreases the effectiveness of the disinfectants. Corrosion causes the emergence of nutrients and increases the formation of biofilm. To prevent the Legionella attacks, we take samples from our customers and send them to England where we have a high-tech contracted laboratory to be analyzed and tracked. Unfortunately, there are no laboratories that can count the legionella bacteria in Turkey. However legionella is ignored, they spread out very easily. Water grains nestle it and flow inside the human body through the air. It spreads to the air from air conditioners with cooling towers, shower heads, faucets, whirlpools, baths, garden irrigation sprinklers in large buildings (hotels, hospitals, business and shopping centers, nursing homes ..) respiration systems in hospitals (nebulizer, aspirator, endoscopy.). Therefore Legionella bacteria must be counted periodically and the number must be kept under control.


The costs of blow down water might become incredibly high. We set up special purification systems to recycle the waste water. Related pictures and videos can be found below. Also you can notice that how appreciated our customer and how great the recycle is.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (Remote Control of Systems )

If you have a sensitive system or you want to keep the track of your system, our remote controllable devices is your answer. We set up a program to your computer which will allow you to check out your systems’ recent parameters and interfere them from your home or office. You will be able to control your system, set the parameters download the data, draw a graph and archive them via this program whereever you are. Please check out the related photographs below.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (Tracking Data With Dataloggers)

Dataloggers will asist you to keep the data of your devices such as conductivity,pH and etc. if it has 4-20 mA output. You can record the data, transfer them to excel and draw a graph. Please check out the related photographs below.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (P & G Humidification Plants Ozone Bacteria Removal Systems)

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (P & G Humidification Plants Sterile Additional Water System)

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS (Sabancı University Neutralization System)